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When service rhymes with school bus

Sometimes it’s important to remember what businesses are for. They are first and foremost the entities that allow a society to prosper, grow and live in harmony. Ultimately, they help citizens meet their needs and increase their individual and collective well-being. Autobus Idéal has taken this philosophy literally!

Creator of partnerships


The company operates a transport service with a commercial objective, of course, but it takes the well-being of its customers and respect for the environment in which it operates at heart. Under the leadership of Pierre and Nancy, Autobus Idéal does not only aim to create a business relationship with its customers, it wants to build a partnership relationship with the community. This mentality has enabled the company to become a benchmark in Montreal and to stand out with its reassuring presence on our roads.


Green growth

Like many other sectors, passenger transport is a sector that generates polluting emissions and greenhouse gas emissions. This issue is very sensitive for the leaders of the company. As early as 2011, they became interested in the environmental issue by leading a project to quantify its greenhouse gases in order to try to reduce their polluting emissions. The company even acquired their first electric bus in 2016, and 4 others in 2017. Paying great attention to its environmental footprint, the company is a pioneer in Quebec and takes current developments and their potential on reducing emissions very seriously.

An actor in its community

For Autobus Idéal, the company should not only be about doing business and employing workers, it should also be involved and give back to the community. The direct involvement of managers and many employees in the community makes Ideal Bus a business at heart. Did you know that thanks to the support of several of its employees (a special nod to Danielle Du Cap!) The company offers Christmas baskets to several families in need every winter. The company also donates to various organizations and social foundations throughout the year to support underprivileged citizens.

What a great example of entrepreneurship!

Long road to this home-grown company!

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