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Transporting the future

Simone starts school this morning. Big backpack on the shoulders, small lunch box in the hands. She is ready to jump into the unknown, into the world of adults. She is waiting with mum at the corner of the street. She, too, seems feverish!

There it is. The big yellow and black bus roared. Then he stops in front of them.

Small illuminated panel that stands, the door opens and Simone can enter. She is greeted by the one who punctuated the thread of her days. Mornings in a hurry and summer evenings. Winter storms, with frozen feet. Whoever greets her, drives her, protects her: the bus driver.

Bus drivers are those essential workers who play a crucial role in the lives of passengers. They are a symbol of security, trust and kindness. They can drive schoolchildren, like adults, in adapted or chartered transport. Whether in the alleys of the neighborhood or in more remote areas, safety first, they steer safely.

Bus drivers must also demonstrate a number of skills, including great vigilance, caution and unparalleled punctuality. They love the feeling of freedom on the road when driving schoolchildren like Simone.

The job also allows great flexibility in terms of the schedule. School bus drivers, for example, enjoy time off during the holidays, summer and spring break. They sometimes work half a day or part time. In short, this is an important profession with many advantages.

Little Simone has a great future, but to achieve it she will need the support of several essential people, including her bus driver. Does this job interest you?

Working at Autobus Idéal means working in a work environment where cultural diversity is celebrated, where training is offered and where schedules are flexible.

Autobus Ideal is a carrier that takes its employees and customers to heart.

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